Eyewear from Stockholm

Vasuma Eyewear is a collection of unisex glasses, both sun- and ophthalmic. The overall theme for the collection is that here in Sweden bullies make fun of others wearing glasses by calling them “Eyewear snake”. Vasuma Eyewear is all about the revenge of the bullied ones with glasses out there. Each style in the collection is therefore named after a snake. The revenge of the eyewear-snake is finally here.

Stockholm is perhaps the biggest inspiration for our eyewear. This is where we live, work and breathe. With a progressive culture scene, all the surrounding water, the 15th century architecture its hard not to be heavily influenced. This is of course part of why we have a distinctive Scandinavian silhouette in every single style in our collection.

Now of days our Eyewear from Stockholm is represented all over the place. Except from all of Scandinavia Vasuma is present in Italy, France, Germany, USA, New Zeeland, Spain.

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Wide collection of unisex ophthalmic glasses. Produced in the best of quality with transportation lenses for you to put in your prescription ones at your closest optical shop.


Unisex collection of sunglasses with CE certified sunlensen. Some styles come with polarized lenses. All sunglasses also works perfectly fine to put in presrciption lenses. Alwayd delvered with a Vasuma hard case and cleaning cloth.

Our collaborations

Every season we try to hook up with other Swedish talents and brands to create interesting collaborations. There’s been a couple over the years. Rädda Barnen (Save the Children, Children's right organization), Daniel Adams Ray, (Artist and fashion designer) and Sandqvist (Swedish bag company), to mention a few.

The current collaborations right now is Carin Wester and Deadwood Leather.